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Delivery within
7-14 days
0,99$-1,5$ *100gr


Now service gives you a unique opportunity to save on the weight of the goods upon receipt.

For the purpose of reduction of the weight of your order, we have introduced a new service

"Repacking". Repacking of the parcel is intended to minimize the weight thereof.

How it works:
The product is removed from the ?

mail box and sent in the original one.
If there is no original package, the mail box is minimized.
If the parcel is small and without the original packaging, it can be packed
in a plastic bag or paper envelope.

To ensure that your product was repacked, you only need to specify the word "repacking" in the window, where you specify the size, color and other features of your order.

This service requires payment of an extra charge of 2$ for one item.

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